What are the Best Tips for Online Interview?

Online Interview Tips

In the covid pandemic most of the sectors have acquired various changes that includes education sector, market sector etc.. Likewise the recruiting process in most of the company and organization are in online mode. The candidates who are trying to attend interviews online are facing hectic problems which leads to the loss of their dream … Read more

Benefits of Multivitamin

क्या आप अपनी डाइट में MULTIVITAMIN खा रहे है या नहीं तो आज हम जाने की क्या फायदे होते MULTIVITAMIN और क्या हमे लेना चाहिए या नहीं और जय इसके कोई साइड इफ़ेक्ट है या नहीं तो सबसे फेल इ में आपको बताऊंगा की MULTIVITAMIN एक माइक्रो नुट्रिएंट होता है जो आप पुरे दिन फ़ूड … Read more

Flutter Music Player App

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Creating the flutter music player app using Method Channel. What is Method Channel MethodChannel is a functionality which lets you write custom platform specific code in the native language whether its java/kotlin for Android or swift/objective c for IOS and allows you to call platform specific API. For More Information : https://flutter.dev/docs/development/platform-integration/platform-channels?tab=android-channel-java-tab Create a new … Read more

List of China Apps Banned in India

The government of India banned 59 Chinese apps because of several reasons, including safety and privacy measure under section 69A. Section 69A is the provision that includes the Information Technology Act, which is a safeguard and blocks the public access to the information. Banning these applications is a digital strike by India on China in … Read more

Android offline dictionary tutorial

1. Creating the UI Add the material dependency in build.gradle 1.1 MainActivity.xml MainActivity.java 1.2. Home fragment.xml HomeFrag.java 1.3 Favfrag.xml FavFrag.java FavModel.java. Class fav_list_layout.xml layout 2. DbHelper.java 3. AnswerActivity 3.1. activity_answer.xml; 3.2 AnswerAct.java

Free Google Courses with Google Certification

google free courses

Google is providing free courses to help you improve skills in this lockdown. Make best out of lockdown so hurry up! And grab the opportunity at its best. We always run behind knowledge but find ourselves short of time. Thus, Google is offering free certified courses to brush up your skills. Here you can acquire … Read more