New Symptoms of Corona Virus

As we know, the whole world is suffering from a deadliest disease “Coronavirus” which could be recovered by cure, but the world has not yet discovered its vaccine. The scenario asks for the precaution to protect yourself and others as well. And for the proper precautioning, you first need to know all the symptoms of the virus. Yes, we know cold,cough, and high fever are the main symptoms of Corona virus, but over time the infection has changed its symptoms and has increased the list with the below-given signs.

symptoms of corona

Below-listed are the new symptoms of Corona virus-

 Abdominal Pain or Stomach Pain
 Headache
 Dizziness or Spinning in the head
 Nausea/feel like vomit
 Diarrhoea
 Throat pain
 Sputum from the mouth (thinner than saliva and occurs when lungs are damaged)
 Dyspnea (shortness of breath) when a person feels the hunger for air
 Muscle aches
 Poor appetite (a person loses taste buds, sense of smell and doesn’t feel hungry)
 The Dry cough
 Fatigue (when a person feel tired)
 Fever
 Body itching
 Brain swelling (blockage in vessels)
 Blood clots
 Amnesia (Memory loss)
 COVID Toes and COVID Hands (red/purple bumps on the toe tips and fingertips)

It has started from fever and now has reached the toes. These changing symptoms have become a new challenge in identifying the Coronavirus. Most of the symptoms of corona are related to the stomach, so keep an eye on your immune system. Apart from this, the symptoms are more in common with the other viruses, so it becomes hard to differentiate between the two. The given Corornavirus symptoms indicate us to prefer social distancing, which tops the precaution list. Because most of the syndromes are communicable and so does infect the other person that comes in contact with the infected one. After knowing all the symptoms now if you feel any of them do contact doctors or the support staff for the immediate care and isolation so that it won’t spread to the others.

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