Visakhapatnam Gas Leakage

Visakhapatnam Gas Leakage was an industrial casualty happened on 7 th of May 2020 around 3:00 am at Venkatapuram. Venkatapuram is the village closed to Vishakhapatnam’s outskirts where this deadly incident took place. LG Polymer is a Korean chemical plant located at the edge of the town wherein Styrene gas got leak on 7 th of May early morning. This leakage turned out big damage to lives. It has covered about 3 km area and severely affected the neighbouring villages. The data speaks of 13 deaths till 8 th of May due to this toxic gas leakage. Not just this, but Vizag gas leakage accident has affected the lives of more than 1000 people. The proximity of being close to this poisonous gas plant has created panic amongst people. Because due to inhalation of styrene, a person might get annoying eyes, mucous membrane and many other side effects of this hazardous, poisonous gas.

ndrf team at cizag gas leak

As we know that styrene is used to create plastic and resins, thus, contains inflammable hazardous components that make it challenging to inhale the oxygen. On the other hand, it causes damage to the central nervous system of a human body and even leads to fatality when inhaled in a high proportion. The Vizag gas leak incident placed while following the pandemic COVID-19 lockdown and meanwhile, Styrene tanks left unattended in the liquid form and started evaporating along with the room temperature. It is believed that it has happened because of the technical issue in the refrigerator. And when the team was working upon fixing the problem, styrene pressure raised and spread amongst the nearby villages and the city areas.

Vishakhapatnam gas leakage 2020

Visakhapatnam gas leakage affected many people of about the radius of 3 kilometres, which in count comes to the five villages. In the affected areas, it was found that many people rushed to the hospital complaining their burning eyes, breathing problem, skin sensations, and itching problem. Besides this, many people found unconscious inhaling the poisonous gas, and it has affected above 25 people in an acute condition. In addition to the loss of life, Visakhapatnam gas leakage also left people behind with poor health, hospitalized in a severe condition.And more than 200 families were asked to leave the village covered within the radius of 5 kilometres from the LG Polymer gas plant. Hence, to cope up with the damage of life, health, and environment NGT (National Green Tribunal) has claimed LG Polymers to deposit the amount of Rs 50 crore.

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