Who won Youtube Vs Tiktok Digital battle

Now a  days  a Digital war  between the two popular social media platform came  into existence when  the Popular youtuber started rosting all the tiktokers .We used to think that the third world war  may occour due to india vs Pakistan or America vs south korea but in 2020 war was declared in the digital platform between Youtube VS Tiktok .

logo of youtube and tiktok application

Now let us understand the whole story from the beginning to the end.

Tiktok VS Youtube is the latest battle which started when the famous youtuber elvish yadav Roasted the tiktokers after that the video became viral in every social media platform and was appericated by the viewers in a very less time. This was not the first time when any youtubers Roasted the tiktokers . But the video by elvish yadav became more viral because he roasted some of the famous tiktokers like Revolver Rani and amir Siddique.

Youtubers vs tiktikers battle

After the video was viral then Amir Siddique who is one of the popular tiktoker came with reply of elvish yadav video and started targeting all the youtube community By saying that tiktokers have fresh content and youtube always copy the content from the tiktok and tiktok is most liked by the people and also said that the youtube has cringe content.

Here Amir siddique made one mistake on his reply video that he tagged carryminati who is very popular for his roasting videos with 18.6 million subscriber.

Now the main battle between tiktok vs youtube started when carryminati made a roasting video for the tiktokers .In his roasting video he targeted the amir siddique and said many more about Him. Carryminati video became viral with in a few minutes in all over india , people loved carryminati video and his video became one of the most liked video with 10 million likes  in india on few hours only.

Carryminati video was on the way to break all the records then only his video was suddenly removed from his youtube channel  because different tiktok followers reported the video.After his video was removed the different youtuber like elvish yadav , Ashish chanchalani , Technical Guruji , Amit bhadana , Harsh Beniwal came in the support for carryminati and they too made video and roasted the tiktokers as well.

latest rating of tiktok in playstore

Now the carryminati fans became angry and started campaign to rate the tiktok application on playstore with single star.On 16th of May tiktok had 4.5 star rating and with in 4 days the rating came up to 1.3 star.

And due to all this reason it  was called the digital battle between the Tiktok vs Youtube.

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